An Electric Car that Charges Itself? It’s Coming.

EV Charging

We’re in the midst of a transportation revolution, with no technology holding more promise for reducing transportation greenhouse gas emissions than electric vehicles. An example of this is a new concept from the solar manufacturer, Hanergy, for a car that would have very thin film solar modules built into the body of the car.

Hanergy Solar Car

Futuristic self-charging solar car concept | image: Hanergy

This means the car could charge itself while driving, with no need to plug it in for short to medium length journeys. According to Hanergy, these cars could self-charge about 8 to 10kWh per day, enough to drive about 50 miles. This distance would be sufficient for nearly all city activities.

Not only is the energy free and clean solar energy, but the innovative design reduces the hassle of having to recharge your EV often, which remains one of the biggest barriers to EV adoption across the country today. This car concept is still at least a few years away from becoming a reality, but it is a sign that we’ll be seeing some incredible, cleaner vehicles in the near future.

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