HP Joins Growing Corporate Zero-Deforestation Trend

Office Paper

Hewlett Packard, the global electronics and consulting giant, made several strong public goals to improve sourcing of their paper and to increase their use of clean energy. Their ultimate goal is 100% sustainable sourcing of all paper products by 2020, with a note that the company is already halfway to this goal. It is a move heralded by many in the sustainability community, and another big sign that the environment is going mainstream in the corporate landscape. Other companies that have made similar pledges include Unilever, McDonald’s, Mars, and Cargill.

The reason for the move? Climate change, of course, which the company acknowledges as a big deal and reason to act. In fact, HP’s actions go far beyond tackling deforestation in its details, with a commitment to use 100% renewable energy in just four years.

They are also working with some prolific partners, like the World Wildlife Fund, the biggest environmental non-profit in the world, and the Forest Stewardship Council, the premier global system for ensuring wood and paper comes from sustainable sources. This transparency increases the likelihood of HP’s commitments making a strong and global impact.

You can do your part by supporting companies with your wallet that have ethical supply chains the next time you are in the market for, well, anything.

Nithin is an eecosphere Impact Mill and freelance writer who focuses on cultural, economic, and environmental issues in developing countries with an aim at building channels of communication and collaboration around common challenges. He alternates between a home in California and working on social projects in Africa and Asia.