Report: EPA not Properly Testing Popular Pesticides

Pesticide Sign

A report created by the Center for Biological Diversity shows some disturbing news. Titled Toxic Concoctions, the report analyzed patent applications for pesticide products and found that numerous approved chemicals have only been fully examined individually, and not properly tested for how they interact when combined in “pesticide cocktails.” This is a pretty huge problem.

The key issue is that when two or more chemicals interact, this interaction can enhance their toxic effects, raising the risks of exposure above safe levels. Because these synergies were not properly tested, it is possible that countless farmers, laborers, and perhaps even consumers have been exposed to unsafe, dangerous chemicals.

The impacts are potentially huge. Remember, there is a massive global die-off of insects of all types, with evidence pointing to chemicals as being one of the possible causes. Further, cancer rates are on the rise amongst farmers and farmworkers, here and in developing countries, as they are exposed to more pesticides than the general public.

You can reduce your personal impact by eliminating chemicals in your home, choosing natural pesticide alternatives, and eating organic food. The more we create demand for organic farming and produce, the more we can help the shift away from dangerous, untested pesticide mixes.

Nithin is an eecosphere Impact Mill and freelance writer who focuses on cultural, economic, and environmental issues in developing countries with an aim at building channels of communication and collaboration around common challenges. He alternates between a home in California and working on social projects in Africa and Asia.