World’s Largest Floating Solar Test Bed Opens in Singapore


Singapore’s new test floating photovoltaic system is one hectare in size and is serving as a prototype. Currently, the project is testing different models for floating PV to see which ones are the most efficient and which are scaleable. Ideally, positive results could result in new, more efficient locations for solar panels across the world.

For Singapore, a country with limited land and high energy demand, this means potentially implementing floating PVs on its reservoirs, which would not only produce clean energy, but might also help reduce evaporation, making the reservoirs more water efficient. In the western United States, where drought is becoming more prevalent, floating solar PVs could potentially help reduce water evaporation as well.

Depending on how Singapore’s tests go, we could start seeing solar panels not only on rooftops, but on lakes, reservoirs, and perhaps even swimming pools across the world. Until that ideal future is here, you can find resources on how to get your own solar panels at home in the idea link below.

Nithin is an eecosphere Impact Mill and freelance writer who focuses on cultural, economic, and environmental issues in developing countries with an aim at building channels of communication and collaboration around common challenges. He alternates between a home in California and working on social projects in Africa and Asia.